”Belarusian Gayun”: In Belarus, they began to simulate the takeoff of the MiG-31K fighter during the takeoff of other types of aircraft

Anhelina Sheremet

The Air and Space Forces of Russia and Belarus began to simulate the take-off of the MiG-31K fighter during the take-off of other types of aircraft.

This was reported by the "Belarusian Gayun" monitoring group on February 11.

On Friday, February 10, in the afternoon, there were two group departures of Russian aviation from the Belarusian airfield Machulishchi — at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

"These departures had a number of oddities, which we later drew attention to (the most obvious — they did not return to Machulishchi). One could think that the MIGs flew to the Russian Federation or fell into the swamp, but the situation is different," the authors of the project noted.

On the morning of February 10, a group of fighter jets arrived at Machulishchi from the Baranovichi airfield. During the day, these fighters took off from the Machulyshchi airfield, and the sound of the takeoff was very similar to the takeoff of the MiG-31K and the A-50 reconnaissance aircraft. However, the authors of the project claim that it was a standard fighter of the Su type, and at the same time, the fighters that arrived from the Baranovichi were conducting training and simulation sorties.

The authors of the project state that in this case it was extremely difficult to distinguish the Su from the MiG without visual observation (which is impossible due to fog, snow, rain, etc.).