The SSU inspected the UOC MP monastery in Transcarpathia. The nuns called for the “awakening of Mother Russia” there

Sofiia Telishevska

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) inspected the UOC MP monastery in Transcarpathia, where the nuns called for the "awakening of Mother Russia". Investigators searched the Holy Trinity Kyrylo and Methodius womenʼs monastery.

More than 20 people underwent in-depth counterintelligence interviews, including the use of a polygraph.

The SSU employees found a large number of campaigning and propaganda materials. Most of the literature is authored by Russian figures and published by Russian printers.

The law enforcement officers discovered books of xenophobic content with offensive fictions about other nationalities and religions. The pamphlets found deny Ukraineʼs right to independence and emphasize that Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus "cannot be divided."

Despite the prohibition of the head of the diocese, during the prayers, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill Hundyaev, who "blessed" the Russian military to kill Ukrainians, continued to be mentioned in the monastery. They even developed a "memorial" where they argued why it is impossible to refuse the mention of the Moscow patriarch. In case of disobedience, they were threatened with "removal from all priesthood."

Also, during the search, the SSU found the texts of pro-Russian songs that glorified the "Russian land" and called for the "awakening of Mother Russia."

All materials were submitted for relevant expert research.