Ukrenergo: There are scheduled power cuts in Ukraine. The emergency outages are not planned

Anna Kholodnova

Planned outages will be in effect in all regions of Ukraine on November 20 from 08:00 to 24:00. Additional emergency shutdowns are not predicted.

This was reported by the Ukrenergo company.

It was noted there that on November 19, the energy industry managed to somewhat ease consumption restrictions.

  • After the Russian attacks on November 15, enemy rockets damaged 15 energy facilities, thousands of kilometers of main high-voltage lines are not working. This infrastructure is necessary for the production of electricity from power plants and transmission from the western regions to the east, that is, throughout the country.
  • On November 17, Russia launched a missile attack on the Kyiv region, the Odesa region, and the Dnipro. In Dnipro, 23 people were injured, in Odesa — one injured. The gas production infrastructure suffered significant damage.