A secret plan of the occupiers to “re-educate” Ukrainian children was found in Kharkiv region

Anna Kholodnova

In the liberated Izyum of the Kharkiv region was found a folder with a secret plan of the occupiers for the "development" of Russian education in Ukraine.

This was reported in the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office.

Among the documents are "materials for the meeting on support and development of the education system in Kharkiv region." One of the curators of this process was the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The occupiers planned to issue Russian certificates of completion of the 11th grade to the students. One of the documents states that "the Ministry of Education should speed up the printing of certificates on the basis of the Belgorod region."

The Russians also planned to bring teachers from the Russian Federation to Kharkiv region. Special emphasis was to be placed on teachers of history and literature, who would introduce "patriotic education". One of the documents states that children should focus exclusively on institutions of higher education in Belgorod region.

In addition, the occupiers planned to send 1-2 children who "specially distinguished themselves" to a camp in the temporarily occupied Crimea, and students of grades 7-9 to Belgorod.

  • On September 21, the press service of the Ombudsmanʼs Office reported that Russia had deported more than 7 700 Ukrainian children since the beginning of the war.
  • In mid-October, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that the Russian authorities had taken several thousand children out of the annexed Kherson region.
  • On November 7, the National Resistance Center, created by the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reported that since the beginning of November, the Russians had kidnapped more than 300 children from the occupied part of Luhansk region.