For the first time in over 2 years. The satellite recorded a North Korean train entering Russia

Anhelina Sheremet

Satellite images captured a train from North Korea entering Russia on November 4 — the first time in several years that traffic has been observed on this route.

This was noticed by the site 38 North, and the details are written by Bloomberg.

The movement was spotted on the only land link between the two countries on the afternoon of November 4. This connection has not worked since February 2020, the DPRK closed it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The website 38 North writes that it is impossible to determine the destination of the train from the pictures. In September, North Korea and Russia agreed to restore rail links. However, 38 Northʼs latest analysis comes days after the US accused North Korea of secretly supplying Russia with artillery shells for use in the invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this week, North Korea launched its largest ever daily shelling, firing about 80 artillery shells into the sea. It was the latest weapons test to protest allied military exercises, which North Korea called a “huge mistake”.