NYT: The US believes that Ukraine is behind the murder of the daughter of the ideologue of “Russian peace”.

Kostia Andreikovets

The US special services believe that Ukraine is behind the murder of the daughter of the ideologue of "Russian peace" Oleksandr Dugin Daria.

This is written by The New York Times with reference to a report distributed in the White House last week.

According to US intelligence, representatives of the Ukrainian government may have authorized the explosion of the car with Dugina in Moscow, but it is unknown whether Volodymyr Zelensky or the Presidentʼs Office knew about it. The newspaper notes that Washington did not agree with Kyiv on the attempt on Dugin and did not know about this operation at all.

US officials fear that this killing could widen the conflict and put Ukrainian officials at risk. They admit that the death of Dugina had a high symbolic value, but it in no way affected the course of the war. The American side is disappointed by the lack of data from Ukraine regarding its military plans on the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the American special services consider the murder of Dugina "one of the most daring operations" in Kyiv today. It showed that Ukraine can reach famous Russians in their homes. They say that they most likely aimed at Oleksandr Dugin himself. The perpetrators of the murder counted on the fact that Dugin would go with his daughter in the same car.

  • On the evening of August 20, a car exploded in the suburbs of Moscow, in which was Daria Dugin, the daughter of the Russian philosopher and ideologue of the "Russian peace" Oleksandr Dugin. She died on the spot. 29-year-old Darya worked as a journalist and supported Russiaʼs war against Ukraine. In March 2022, it was added to the US sanctions list, and in June, it came under the sanctions of Great Britain.
  • The Russian FSB accused Ukrainian citizen Natalya Vovk of murdering Dugina, who allegedly left for Estonia with her daughter after the car was blown up. The FSB said that Vovk served in Azov. The National Guard of Ukraine denied this.
  • Ukraine officially denies its involvement in Duginaʼs murder. The Presidentʼs Office has repeatedly said that its liquidation has no practical significance — Dugin is nobody for Ukraine.