“We will not talk about Ukraine without Ukraine.” The White House commented on Elon Muskʼs “peace plan”.

Anna Kholodnova

White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre spoke at a briefing about the "peace plan" that American businessman Elon Musk proposed on Twitter.

"We will not talk about Ukraine without Ukraine. It is their decision when it comes to any diplomacy or negotiations for that matter. And thatʼs why I leave it to the Ukrainian people," she emphasized.

She assured that the United States of America will stand by Ukrainians in the struggle for the sovereignty of the state.

Also in her briefing, Karin Jean-Pierre noted that the United States sees the successes of the Ukrainian army at the front.

"As weʼve seen their successes on the battlefield, as weʼve seen them take back even territory that was supposedly annexed just a few days ago... We see that they have achievements to take back their territory," the spokeswoman of White House noted.

  • On October 2, Elon Musk published a series of tweets on his Twitter with assumptions about the "most likely" end of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine. He gave users two options ("yes" or "no") to vote for the following: to hold a repeat vote in the regions annexed by Russia under the supervision of the UN; Russia is leaving, if the will of the people is for it; Crimea is formally part of Russia, as it was since 1783 (before Khrushchevʼs "mistake"); water supply to Crimea is guaranteed; Ukraine remains neutral.
  • Later, Elon Musk posted another "vote" on Twitter. He asks users whether residents of the occupied Crimea and Donbass should decide in which country they should live — in Ukraine or in Russia. Many outraged Ukrainians came to Musk in the comments. In response to this, President Zelensky launched a poll on his Twitter: he asked which Elon Musk everyone likes more — the one who supports Ukraine or the one who supports Russia.
  • In response to Zelenskyʼs tweet, Elon Musk wrote: "I still very much support Ukraine, but I am convinced that a large-scale escalation of the war will cause great damage to Ukraine and possibly the world."