Russian Crimea and neutral Ukraine. Elon Musk suggested the “most likely” way the war would end

Kostia Andreikovets

The founder of the Tesla and Spacex companies, Elon Musk, published a series of tweets on his Twitter with assumptions about the "most likely" end of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine.

He gave users two options ("yes" or "no") to vote for the following:

  • Hold a repeat vote in the regions annexed by Russia under UN supervision. Russia is leaving, if the will of the people is for it.
  • Crimea is formally part of Russia, as it was since 1783 (before Khrushchevʼs "mistake").
  • Crimeaʼs water supply is guaranteed.
  • Ukraine remains neutral.

52% of users have already voted for such a scenario.

Separately, Musk added that he considers the nuclear war scenario unlikely.

Many outraged Ukrainians came to Musk in the comments.

Senior adviser to the US Congress, Paul Massaro, also reacted to the tweets. His scenarios are as follows: Ukraine liberates all of its sovereign territories, and Russia decolonizes, demilitarizes, and denuclearizes (gets rid of nuclear weapons).