Another Russian torture chamber was found in one of the de-occupied villages of the Kharkiv region

Anna Kholodnova

The police found another Russian torture chamber in the village of Pisky-Radkivski in Kharkiv region.

This was reported in the press service of the National Police.

According to law enforcement officers, when the Russian invaders entered the village, they drove the locals out of their homes and settled there. In one of the cellars, the Russians set up a torture chamber where Ukrainians were tortured.

The police showed what this place looks like.

After the escape, the Russian military left behind looted houses, filth and "stretch marks" on the doors.

  • At the beginning of September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a counteroffensive in Kharkiv region. Ukrainian troops managed to liberate 421 settlements, including Izyum and Balaklia.
  • In Balaklia, in the police station, the Russian occupiers organized a "headquarters", in its basement they tortured local residents. The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Yenin noted that the torture chamber discovered in Balaklia was not the only one.
  • On September 26, operatives of the Security Service of Ukraine also discovered a Russian torture chamber in the village of Lyptsi in Kharkiv region, liberated from the occupiers.