“Rating”: Ukraine has the highest support for joining NATO in the history of observations

Anhelina Sheremet

Ukraineʼs accession to NATO is supported by "the largest number of citizens in the history of observation". Yes, in the referendum, 83% would support this initiative, 4% would oppose it, and 9% would not vote. In June, 76% supported joining the Alliance.

This is evidenced by the survey of the sociological group "Rating", which was published on October 3.

86% of respondents would support Ukraineʼs accession to the EU in a referendum, 3% would oppose it, and 7% would not vote. Support for joining the EU is unanimous among representatives of all regions.

Sociologists have drawn attention to the fact that, in contrast to joining the EU, the residents of the East perceive the accession to NATO somewhat more cautiously: 69% are in favor of joining, 9% are against, the rest would abstain from voting. Despite this, compared to the previous survey, the dynamics of support for joining the Alliance among residents of this region is positive: in June, 55% were in favor, 20% were against, and 22% would not vote.

The survey was conducted by telephone on October 1 and 2 among adult Ukrainians in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas, as well as territories where there is no Ukrainian mobile phone service at the time of the survey. The sample is 2 000 respondents. The error is no more than 2.2%.