The authorities of Izyum predict more than a thousand victims of the Russian occupation. There are several mass graves

Kostia Andreikovets

The Deputy Mayor of Izyum Volodymyr Matsokin stated during the briefing that the city may have more than three places of mass burials of civilians. The number of victims among the local population is growing — the authorities predict that more than a thousand victims of the Russian occupation may be identified.

"Today, the exhumation continues. Mass burials are not in one place. There are at least three. It is necessary that specialists investigate the places of such hiding places. If at the beginning we estimated that there were about a thousand victims among civilians in Izyum, now we see that this figure will only grow," noted Matsokin.

According to him, the exhumation of bodies from mass burial sites continues.

"These actions have not been completed today, I think they have not even reached the middle... The bodies are being sent to Kharkiv, and experts will work with them there," Matsokin added.

He also said that the townspeople increasingly began to talk about the atrocities of the Russians. Almost all townspeople who survived the occupation are in a difficult psychological state.

In addition, Matsokin reported that the occupiers had completely looted the Izyum hospital. Everything they could not steal, they smashed.

"The Hospital of Izyum continued to serve the local population even during the occupation. Surgeons performed planned operations in terrible conditions, in basements. But the condition of this hospital is terrible. The Russians looted everything, took away the equipment. What could not be taken away and stolen was smashed and destroyed. They stole metal, even doors," stated the deputy mayor.