In Izyum, a torture chamber set up by the Russian occupiers was found

Anhelina Sheremet

In the recently de-occupied town of Izyum, Kharkiv region, a torture chamber was found in the local police station, which was set up by the Russian military there.

Serhiy Bolvynov, chief investigator of the police in the Kharkiv region, reported this on September 19.

Investigators have already found magazines with a list of detainees, as well as instruments of torture — electric cables. Each cell where people were kept is also studied: DNA samples and fingerprints are taken, and a database of evidence is collected for the court.

Bolvinov noted that people were kept in dark basement cells from several weeks to several months.

The same torture chamber was found in the police station in Balaklia. During the occupation, the Russians always kept at least 40 people captive, feeding them twice a day with empty porridge without. Through local collaborators, they were looking for those who served or had relatives in the ATO (Ukraineʼs military operation in Donbas in 2014-2022), and they were also looking for people who helped the Ukrainian army. If the occupiers released many people and there were no new ones, they grabbed people on the street near the police station.

  • On September 15, it became known that a mass burial of the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians was found near Izyum, and the exhumation of the bodies is currently underway — there are approximately 445 graves there.