Charles III was officially proclaimed king of Great Britain

Kostia Andreikovets

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is officially proclaimed King of Great Britain. He ascended the throne under the name Charles III.

This is reported by the BBC and The Guardian.

The official proclamation of Charles as monarch took place at St. Jamesʼs Palace in London. He was declared king by the Council of Succession.

The relevant proclamation was signed by: Prince William, the next in line of heir to the throne, Queen Consort Camilla, the Chairman of the Council, Prime Minister Liz Truss and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This proclamation will be read from the balcony in the palace after the closed meeting of the Council.

Therefore, cannons will be fired in honor of the king — 41 volleys will be fired by the artillery in Hyde Park and 62 volleys by the artillery near the Tower of London.

  • Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 in Great Britain at the age of 96. Earlier in the day, Buckingham Palace reported the Queenʼs worsening condition and advised her to remain under the care of doctors at Balmoral. The eldest son of Elizabeth II, 73-year-old Prince Charles, became the new king.
  • On September 9, Charles III addressed the nation for the first time after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.