In England, a drought was officially declared due to abnormally high temperatures

Kostia Andreikovets

In England, due to the abnormal heat that has been in the British region since July, a drought has been declared. The British Environment Agency has officially declared it in eight southern, central and eastern areas.

Bloomberg writes about it.

Englandʼs driest July since 1935 has had a negative impact on the aquatic environment and wildlife, which are used to traditional wet weather.

Since mid-July, the center of England suffered from heat and fires. At that time, a temperature apocalypse of +40 °C was recorded in the region.

However, the drought affected not only Britain. According to the European Observatory, data for the end of July show that almost half of the countries of the European Union are facing similar conditions, and some are at the level of danger.

  • In mid-July, record heat was observed in Spain, Portugal, Greece and France. More than a thousand people died because of it. Some regions of these countries have been affected by forest fires — in France, at least 30 thousand hectares of forest have already burned. The heat came to Britain on July 19, causing fires. In the suburbs of London, the fire destroyed dozens of houses.
  • In Denmark, the heat in July broke the indicator of 1941, and in France, 60 temperature records were recorded only on July 19.
  • Abnormal heat is observed in Europe to this day. Swiss authorities had to involve army aviation to deliver water to alpine meadows, where animals suffer from thirst due to high temperatures.