In Britain, there is a temperature apocalypse at 40 °C — there are fires on the outskirts of London. The fire also covered Western Europe

Kostia Andreikovets

Today, July 19, Western Europe was covered by heat, which caused even more fires. Meteorologists call the situation a "temperature apocalypse." This is especially true of Great Britain, where a temperature record of +40.3 °С was recorded today.

This is reported by Sky News and the BBC.

In Britain, forecasters say that the heat will continue in the coming days. Because of it, forests are burning, 10 districts on the outskirts of London, and roads are melting.

The fire destroyed at least 100 houses only in the vicinity of the capital. Local authorities in the southern regions of Britain have issued special warnings for people. The heat has caused interruptions in the movement of aviation and railways, as the tracks and runways are deformed from the heat.

A similar situation with the temperature in Spain, France, Portugal and Greece, however, large-scale forest fires have been raging there since the end of last week.

The heat wave has already caused hundreds of deaths in Spain and neighboring Portugal. According to international media, the number of victims exceeded a thousand people. Dozens more people died in the fires.

Heat records were also broken in France. Because of the fires, the authorities had to evacuate about 15,000 people from settlements that could be in the path of the fire. At least 14,800 hectares of forest have already burned in France.