In Denmark, the heat broke the indicator of 1941, and in France 60 temperature records in a day

Kostia Andreikovets

Europe continues to suffer from abnormal heat. The "temperature apocalypse" is being observed in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, and now in Denmark.

The Danish Meteorological Institute recorded a temperature of +35.9 °C on the island of Lollann on July 20 — this indicator broke the July record of 1941.

Earlier that day, the temperature record was +35.6 °C. At the same time, forecasters expect that the heat in Denmark will subside.

In Germany, some federal states also recorded high temperatures of up to +37 °C.

In the south of France, more than 60 absolute temperature records were recorded — the heat persists there, especially in the southeastern region. On July 19, it was +40.4 °C in Dieppe, and in Landes (Biscarros municipality) the temperature reached +42.6 °C.

  • Since the end of last week, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France have experienced record heat. More than a thousand people have already died because of it. Some regions of these countries also suffer from forest fires — in France, 27 thousand hectares of forest have already burned. Destructive heat came to Britain on July 19. Because of it, fires broke out in the suburbs of London, dozens of houses were destroyed by fire.