At least 458 Ukrainians died in the Bucha community as a result of the actions of the Russians

Kostia Andreikovets

At least 458 Ukrainians died in the Bucha community during the invasion of Russian troops and the occupation — thatʼs how many bodies of the dead were found.

The Deputy Mayor of Bucha, Mykhailyna Skoryk, and the Head of the Ritual Service, Serhiy Kaplichnyi, told about this.

According to them, specialists established that 419 people died in connection with military actions, that is, they were killed by weapons. Of them, 116 were found in a mass grave near the church of St. Andrew the First-Called, and another 50 bodies were found unburied.

Among the dead were also 12 children under the age of 21 — most of them were shot in cars.

  • In June, the Russian edition "Vazhnye istorii" identified eight Russian paratroopers who were in the town of Bucha in March of this year, on the day when at least eight local residents were shot there.
  • Later, law enforcement officers identified a number of Russian soldiers who killed and tortured people in Bucha.