Russian journalists have identified eight Pskov paratroopers who were in Bucha. They used a civilian phone

Anhelina Sheremet

The Russian newspaper Important Stories has identified eight Russian paratroopers who were in the city of Bucha in Kyiv Oblast in March this year, the day at least eight locals were shot dead.

For example, on March 4, the Russian military broke down the door to the house where nine men were hiding, including 43-year-old Ivan Skyba. The men were undressed, their tattoos were checked and their phones confiscated. The detainees were later taken to a four-story office building, where the Russians set up headquarters. The military tortured some of the men and then shot seven people. According to him, Ivan Skyba fell next to one of those killed and pretended to be dead. When the Russian military left, Ivan fled the scene of the shooting and hid in a private house.

Skybaʼs phone was later found by a local resident. The list of outgoing calls and messages allowed to identify military personnel:

  • Aleksey Vishnevskiy;
  • Ilya Saburov;
  • Maksim Grushevskiy;
  • Radiy Zaburin;
  • Mikhail Guryanov;
  • Daniil Konovalov;
  • Aleksandr Popov;
  • Dmitriy Antonnikov.

The last three later died.

  • In the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast 1,137 people were killed by the Russian occupiers, 461 of them — in Bucha.