The occupiers are actively preparing for a “referendum” in Kherson Oblast. Pensioners are offered money, and children are called to Crimea

Kostia Andreikovets

The occupiers have launched active preparations for a pseudo-referendum for joining Kherson oblast to Russia and are "training" the local population.

This was reported by the Kherson City Council.

For the organization of the "referendum" they are looking for employees, premises and forming their media representatives for propaganda. They are also actively checking houses and apartments located within a kilometer radius from the places where it is held.

According to the stories of local residents, the occupying authorities began distributing 20,000 rubles (12,000 hryvnias) to pensioners. Instead, the Russians demand personal data. The so-called "payments" are brought to people who previously received a pension via Ukrposhta, Ukrainian state postal operator.

In addition, the occupiers advertise admission to the captured universities — young people are promised free education. Children from the age of 8 are actively invited to health camps in Rostov, Anapa, and the occupied Crimea.

Due to the refusal of the locals to cooperate, the occupiers lack personnel, so they bring in specialists from Russia. In particular, they are announcing the relocation of 100 doctors who will work in hospitals of Kherson oblast.

  • In July, the mass media reported that Russia was in a hurry to hold "referendums" on the annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine by mid-September. They want to hold them until September 15, so that then Putin can join them to Russia.
  • The SBU reported that it had exposed Russiaʼs plans to join the occupied regions of Ukraine. To carry out the so-called demonstration of will, the occupiers plan to use a pro-Russian organization called the Donetsk Republic. Previously, it operated only in the "DPR", but now the geography of its activities is being expanded, and the name will be changed — the most likely option is Greater Russia.
  • In August, the SBU intercepted the occupiersʼ documents about the "referendum" in Kherson oblast. 20 "election commissions" are planned there.