Twitter denied Elon Muskʼs claim that he had been scammed

Anna Kholodnova

The Twitter company in the court of the state of Delaware rejected Elon Muskʼs claims that he was deceived in order to sign an agreement to acquire the social network.

Reuters writes about it.

Twitter called it "implausible and contrary to fact."

Musk made the claims in a counterclaim filed on July 29.

"According to Musk, he — the billionaire founder of multiple companies, advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers — was hoodwinked by Twitter into signing a $44 billion merger agreement. That story is as implausible and contrary to fact as it sounds," Twitter said in a statement.

Musk also accused Twitter of trying to hide the true number of its users as the market plummeted.

Representatives of the social network responded by saying that Musk had not "provided any proof" of these "baseless accusations."

The court scheduled for October 17 the beginning of consideration of Twitterʼs lawsuit against Musk, in which the company demands to oblige the businessman to complete its purchase.