Bellingcat identified the identity of the Russian occupier who tortured the Ukrainian soldier

Oleg Panfilovych

Journalists of the Bellingcat group were able to identify a Russian soldier who castrated a Ukrainian prisoner of war.

This is stated in a joint investigation by Bellingcat and the publication Insider.

The criminal turned out to be a 29-year-old native of Tuva named Ochur-Suge Mongush, who is a member of the Akhmat battalion. The journalists also managed to find out that the abuse of the Ukrainian military took place on the territory of the "Pryvillya" sanatorium in Luhansk oblast.

The Russian was identified primarily by his cowboy hat and bracelet. In addition, the IKCO Samand car was recorded in the torture video. Both the fighter and the car appeared in at least 5 videos published by Russian propaganda resources.

  • On July 28, a video of abuse of a prisoner of war in Ukrainian camouflage appeared on one of the Russian Telegram channels. Two other Russian-speaking soldiers castrated the prisoner with a clerical knife. In another video, a tortured soldier is shot in the head, and his body is dragged into a ditch. Human rights activists emphasize that cutting off organs is the most obvious example of torture, which is always condemned by the world community and prohibited by the Geneva Convention. The UN said they were "shocked".
  • Later, the Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets stated that Ukraine has all the necessary information about the Russian soldier who tortured the Ukrainian prisoner of war.