Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets: Ukraine has established the identity of the Russian occupier who tortured a Ukrainian soldier

Anhelina Sheremet

Ukraine has all the necessary information about the Russian soldier who castrated a Ukrainian prisoner of war. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets announced this on July 30 during the telethon.

"I watched this video. As soon as it appeared in public access, in the legal sense, the case was automatically opened. [...] We now know absolutely everything about this person. First of all, thanks to the people who found the information. We have absolutely everything about him and even about his relatives," said Lubinets.

Ukraine has already sent inquiries regarding this incident to international partners, who have launched "appropriate processes" from their side. For example, if this Russian leaves the country, he will be detained and handed over to Ukraine.

"While he is in the Russian Federation, we will not get him legally. As far as I know, processes have now begun, so this person cannot feel safe even on the territory of the Russian Federation. These are no longer legal points, letʼs say so. I know that a lot of people have announced a reward for his elimination, this is their choice," Lubinets added.

  • On July 28, a video of abuse of a prisoner of war in Ukrainian camouflage appeared in one of the Russian Telegram channels. Two other Russian-speaking soldiers castrated the prisoner with a clerical knife. In another video, a tortured soldier is shot in the head and his body is dragged into a ditch. Human rights activists emphasize that cutting off organs is the most obvious example of torture, which is always condemned by the world community and prohibited by the Geneva Convention. The UN said they were "shocked".