The EU imposed sanctions against six Syrians and ISIS Hunters. They recruited mercenaries for Russia in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

The European Union imposed sanctions against six citizens of Syria and the private security company Al-Sayyad Company for Guarding and Protection Services Ltd for recruiting mercenaries for the war in Ukraine on the side of Russia.

This is reported in the official journal of the EU.

The following persons were sanctioned:

  • Commander of the "Palestine Liberation Army" Muhammad Al-Salti, who, according to the EU, is recruiting Palestinians for the war in Ukraine;
  • Former Syrian military officer, leader of the "Al-Ahdat al-Omaria" group, Abu Hani Shammout, who is recruiting fighters to Ukraine and Libya on behalf of the leadership of the Russian "PMC Wagner";
  • The commander of the National Defense Forces in the city of Al-Suqailabiya, Nabul Al-Abdullah — he has been recruiting mercenaries in Syria since the beginning of the Russian invasion;
  • Commander of the National Defense Forces in the city of Maharda, Simon Al Wakil — he directly cooperates with the command of the Russian troops in Syria;
  • General Director of Al-Sayyad Fawaz Gerges;
  • Al-Sayyad is co-owned by Yasar Hussain Ibrahim.

Al-Sayyad Company itself, known as ISIS Hunters, has been sanctioned for creating a recruitment network. She works with PVK Wagner in Syria and deals with the protection of Russiaʼs interests (protection of oil facilities).