The occupiers left the building of the Kherson Oblast State Administration

Sofiia Telishevska

Panic prevails among the occupiers and collaborators of the Kherson oblast and they have already left the premises of the oblast administration, from where they "conducted their activities".

Member of the Kherson Oblast Council, Serhii Khlan, stated this on Radio Svoboda.

"Two "governments" (the "government" of the collaborators and the "government" of the occupiers) were evacuated from the building of the Oblast State Administration, although recently they were stationed there, occupied all the offices, and conducted vigorous activity. But for the last two days, they are no longer there, they have settled somewhere in other places. By the way, there are reports that the "government of FSB persons" is currently hiding in hospitals in order to use sick people as human shields," he said.

According to Khlan, this shows that the plans of the occupiers to hold a "referendum" in the Kherson oblast failed.

"Today, there is no reliable information that the occupiers continue to systematically prepare," he assures.

  • Thanks to the effective work of the Armed Forces, the enemy is forced to move their warehouses with ammunition and fuel.
  • Dmytro Butrii, the acting head of the Kherson Oblast Military Administration, said that during the war, the Ukrainian military had already de-occupied 44 settlements in the oblast.