A petition to ban offline studying until the end of the war has gained the required number of signatures. Zelensky will consider it further

Anhelina Sheremet

The petition to ban offline education in all educational institutions until the end of martial law has received the required number of signatures — 25,000. Next, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, should consider it.

At least 26,600 people have signed the petition. Its author is Maria Gorsheneva. In the text of the petition, she writes:

  • not all educational institutions have bomb shelters and evacuation routes, some educational institutions have narrow corridors and flights of stairs;
  • emotional tension makes it impossible to concentrate on studies;
  • about the duration of air alarms — for example, what children should do in the shelter if the alarm lasts for several hours;
  • in primary schools and secondary schools, the age of students requires even more attention from teachers and educators during emergency events. "One teacher for 15 students — a normal proportion of responsibility?";
  • not all families who have moved abroad have a place to return to, not all children have school supplies, and online learning only takes one device.

We will remind you that the government recommends that schools start teaching in an offline format from September 1, and universities, except for the first courses, from August 15. Local authorities should organize training on the evacuation of students to shelters and safety lessons, create visualization of the way to shelters, provide all conditions for stay and study in shelters. Also, every educational institution should have a panic button in case of an emergency.