Schools in Ukraine are checking shelters and developing evacuation plans

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukrainian schools are preparing for face-to-face classes in wartime conditions and checking shelters. Action protocols in the event of an air alert are also being developed.

This was reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Denys Monastyrskyi.

According to him, protective structures should be located in a few meters from the school. Currently, special commissions provide educational institutions with recommendations developed by the State Emergency Service. The same commissions audit shelters.

"Today, the logistics are being worked out to determine which class is coming out of the building at a given moment, in how many minutes it should be in the shelter, who is personally responsible for the person going to the shelter," the minister said.

Monastyrskyi stated that most educational institutions have protective structures.

  • In June, the educational ombudsman, citing data from the Ministry of Education, claimed that only 8% of schools in Ukraine have shelters.
  • From September 1, schoolchildren and students will go to schools and universities. The academic year will last a month longer and will be full-time.