The Special Operations Forces told the details of the landing on Zmiiny Island. The Russians managed to launch a missile attack on the pier

Kostia Andreikovets

The command of the Special Operations Forces reported the details of the landing of Ukrainian soldiers on the liberated Zmiiny Island, the result of which was the raising of the Ukrainian flag.

The operation was carried out on the night of July 7. First, the combat swimmers of the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center approached the island on an underwater vehicle and inspected the coastal zone for the presence of mines. They made a passage for the boats of the main group of fighters.

Engineers were the first to descend on the island, clearing the passage from mine barriers and traps for the rest of the group. After reaching the plateau, the group inspected the area and the abandoned Russian equipment. Then, the special forces installed unit flags and state flags in different parts of the island.

During the operation, Russian warships began maneuvering in the direction of Zmiiny and launched a missile attack on the pier. A group of Ukrainian soldiers in full force returned to the base without injuries.

  • Today, July 7, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the alleged death of Ukrainian soldiers who were clearing Zmiiny and setting up Ukrainian flags. The General Staff called it a fake.