A database of Russian propagandists was created in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukraine has created a database of Russian propagandists and public figures who have supported a full-scale war against Ukraine or spread anti-Ukrainian narratives over the past eight years.

The base was formed by the volunteer initiative "How not to become a vegetable" together with YouControl.

The purpose of the database is to bring to justice Russian propagandists and their accomplices, including citizens of Ukraine who currently live in Russia and are collaborators, for example, Ilya Kyva. As of July 5, 1,800 people have been entered into the database, it will be updated every three months.

The database consists of representatives of the mass media, music industry, bloggers, scientists. The main markers by which they are included in the database are the assessment of the Russian-Ukrainian war, attitude towards the occupation of Crimea or visiting it, attitude towards the Revolution of Dignity, work for Russian propaganda media, participation in propaganda, etc.

"The base was handed over to the National Agency for Preventing Corruption (NAPC), which is currently analyzing, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which persons international partners should impose sanctions on because of their de-facto participation in the organization of the war. This database will expand the already existing list of "candidates for sanctions", which is now 15,500 individuals and 3,700 legal entities. These are Russian and Belarusian government officials, deputies, military, security forces, judges, oligarchs, politicians, etc.," YouControl noted.