Kirkorov, Korolyova and “Putinʼs girlfriend”. The NAPC has prepared a new list of Russians for sanctions

Oleg Panfilovych

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has prepared a new list of Russians and companies against which it proposes to impose sanctions.

This was reported by the NAPC press service.

The new list consists of 1,018 individuals and legal entities involved in the war against Ukraine. Thus, the NAPC proposes to impose sanctions against the leadership of military units of Russia and "Luhansk and Donetsk Peopleʼs Republics", companies of the defense industry and their leadership. Among others, the company "Techincom", which produces body armor, and the company "Budafon LTD", which supplies the Russian army with radio communications, were added.

In addition, it is proposed to impose sanctions against the leaders of the publishing house "Eksmo", singer Philip Kirkorov, singer Natasha Korolyova, owner of the bank "Russian Standard" Rustam Tariko, and citizen Svetlana Krivonogykh, who is called Putinʼs girlfriend. The woman has assets of 7.7 billion rubles of unknown origin.

"To expand the sanctions list, the NAPC is compiling lists of people it considers involved in the war. This is the 15th list of "candidates" for international sanctions sent by the NAPC to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor General," the NAPC said.