In Mariupol, Russians are conducting a “population census” and offering burial services for 10,000 hryvnias

Julia Sheredeha

An illegal "census" is being conducted in occupied Mariupol. During the procedure, people are required to provide identity documents and are forced to undergo fingerprinting (fingerprints are recorded).

This was reported by the Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine.

Currently, locals are not allowed to leave the city. There are several film crews of Russian TV channels here, which have the task of demonstrating "the establishment of a peaceful life."

"Despite the lack of any earnings in the majority of the population, prices for goods and services are constantly rising. In particular, the cost of a one-and-a-half-liter bottle of water reaches almost 100 hryvnias, a kilogram of pork — 600 hryvnias," the statement reads.

There are also private funeral teams from Russia in the city. The price of their "services" is 10,000 hryvnias per body.

  • On June 10, Mayor Vadym Boychenko said that outbreaks of infectious diseases had begun in Mariupol due to mass burials in yards and bodies under the rubble. According to him, cholera, dysentery and other infectious diseases are already spreading in the city.
  • Occupying Russian troops staged a humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol. There is no light or drinking water in the city, and almost no food. The bodies of the dead and garbage poison the water sources used by citizens. The occupiers are collecting the bodies of Mariupol residents killed by the Russian army in supermarkets.