monobank announced a fundraiser for kamikaze drones Warmate

Kostia Andreikovets

Monobank co-founder Oleh Horokhovsky has announced a fundraiser for Polish Warmate drones, also known as flying shells.

In his Telegram, Gorokhovsky said that the joint Bank currently has 45.2 million hryvnias, which Ukrainians have collected in four days. At least another 15 million is needed to buy two Warmate complexes.

“We are doing this project together with the UNITED24 presidential platform. After detailed consultations with our teams and the Armed Forces, we finally decided that it would be drones. And you and I need to raise some more money, "he wrote.

The two Warmate complexes are 40 kamikaze drones that can destroy enemy targets in the deep rear (range — 10 km). Gorokhovsky noted that additional shock modules may be purchased later.

Separately, monobank launches a draw.

If you want to take part in a separate draw codenamed "Brothers", send to our Bank an equal amount of UAH 999, regardless of what you have already sent there. First, itʼs an extra 10 chances to win a card! And secondly, it will help us understand that you have greetings for the ruscist occupiers," Gorokhovsky explained.

  • In addition, during the day, Ukrainians donated to volunteer Serhiy Prytula two Bayraktar TB2 drones. Prytula and blogger Igor Lachenkov announced a fundraiser for three Bayraktars for the Armed Forces, setting an ambitious goal of raising UAH 500 million a week. During the day they managed to raise (together with the money of the Prytula Foundation) 366 million.
  • On June 22, the Return Alive Foundation received the official right to purchase military goods abroad. Now volunteers will be able to buy even lethal weapons.