A British prisoner convicted in the DNR said he would be executed soon

Kostia Andreikovets

British volunteer Aiden Aslin, who was sentenced to death by the DNR, told his family that he would be executed soon.

The BBC writes about this.

Aslin was able to contact his family and said that in the near future Russian militants will comply with the decision of the so-called "court". He also said that, according to the occupiers, the British side did not negotiate with the "DNR" about his fate.

"Aiden was very upset when he called his mother this morning. Aiden said the DNR had told him that no one from Britain had been in contact and that he would be executed," said Aslinʼs grandmother Pamela Hall.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for one of the convicted foreigners who fought for Ukraine said they intended to appeal the courtʼs decision. If they refuse, they will ask for pardon.

  • Aiden Aslin, 28, Sean Pinner, a 48-year-old former Royal English Regiment soldier, and Brahim Saadun, a 21-year-old Moroccan national, have served in the Armed Forces. They were taken prisoner in Volnovakha on March 12. On June 9, the DNR Supreme Court sentenced them to death by firing squad.
  • The General Staff of Ukraine stated that foreign citizens serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are subject to the legal status of combatants. This status, in particular, gives them the right to be treated as prisoners of war if they fall into enemy hands. In addition, they are protected by the Geneva Convention.