The Czech Republic has decided not to issue visas to Russians and Belarusians until the end of March 2023

Kostia Andreikovets

The Czech government has decided not to issue visas and temporary residence permits to Russian and Belarusian citizens until the end of March 2023.

This was reported by Ceske Noviny.

The decision is designed to protect the foreign policy interests and ensure the security of the Czech Republic. The purpose of the decision is to put pressure on Russia and Belarus, which supports Moscow in the war against Ukraine, to end hostilities.

Restrictions, however, will not affect everyone. Humanitarian visas are subject to the exception. In addition, Russians and Belarusians who already have a residence permit and wish to renew it are not subject to restrictions, as are family members of foreigners with a residence permit in the Czech Republic.

  • Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some EU countries, including the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, have suspended visas for Russians, except in special cases.
  • On June 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to introduce a visa regime with Russia from July 1. Russian citizens will be able to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine after the introduction of the relevant regime.