In Odesa Oblast in the sea the man from Donetsk who despite a ban came to a beach with a family exploded on the mine

Julia Sheredeha

In Odesa Oblast, on the beach in the village of Hrybivka, a man exploded in a mine — he died, said a spokesman for the Odesa Oblast military administration Serhiy Bratchuk.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs told about the details of the tragedy and published a video of the accident.

"Today, the neglect of safety rules by a family from Donetsk Oblast has led to tragic consequences. While swimming in the sea in one of the villages of Odesa district, an explosion of an unknown object killed a 50-year-old head of the family in front of his wife, son and friend. The latter miraculously did not suffer, though he went swimming with the victim," the Odesa police said.

  • Today it was reported about a Russian mine that was carried to the Black Sea coast of Odesa. The report said that the mine was found just 20 meters from the shore. It detonated just in the sea, probably after a collision with another object.
  • In late March, sea mines — presumably Russian — were also found off the coasts of Turkey and Romania. A mine was also found near the Bosphorus.
  • Earlier, the Russians said that the Ukrainian side allegedly mined the approach to its shores from the Black Sea, but the mines began to drift towards the Bosphorus. In Russia, they even named their exact number — 420. This may indicate that these are Russian mines, as it is almost impossible to accurately count the number of mines in a stormy sea.
  • Ukraine directly accuses Russia of mining the Black Sea.