Naval mines, probably Russian, were found off the coasts of Turkey and Romania

Kostia Andreikovets

On the morning of March 28, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the discovery of a mine off the coast of the country in the Black Sea. It was found near the village of Igneada, located near the border with Bulgaria. The mine was later destroyed by a group of naval special forces (SAS).

After that, another drifting mine in the Black Sea was found 70 kilometers off the coast of Romania. It was spotted by sailors of a fishing vessel, writes Digi24. Now the area is being combed by a minesweeper of the Romanian Navy.

  • Earlier, Turkey warned of a possible drift of mines in the Black Sea. On March 26, a mine was discovered near the Bosphorus.
  • Earlier, the Russians said that the Ukrainian side allegedly mined the approach to its shores from the Black Sea, but the mines began to drift towards the Bosphorus. Russians even named their exact number — 420. This may indicate that these are Russian mines, as it is almost impossible to accurately count the number of mines in a stormy sea.
  • Ukraine directly accuses Russia of mining the Black Sea.