Minister of Finance: Ukraine has already spent more than $ 8 billion on the war with Russia

Julia Sheredeha

Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said that Ukraine had already spent 245 billion hryvnias (more than $ 8 billion) on the war with Russia.

He said this in a comment to Reuters.

According to him, the money that was pledged for other programs is now spent on everything from weapons to social assistance, including for internally displaced persons. According to the Ministry of Social Policy, 2.7 million IDPs have already been officially registered, although the real figure is many times higher.

Marchenko said that in April the government collected only 60% of the planned taxes, in May-June this figure could drop to 45-50%.

He also said that in April Ukraine received almost $ 2 billion in financial assistance from partners.

  • It will be recalled that yesterday US Republican Senator Rand Paul blocked another $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine. He wants an inspector general to control costs.
  • On May 11, the US House of Representatives supported $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine, followed by the Senate. This year, Congress has provided $ 13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine. So, if the last package is approved, the total amount of approved aid will exceed $ 50 billion.
  • On May 9, US President Joe Biden signed a law on a land lease for military aid to Ukraine. This decision restores the program of the Second World War, which allows the President of the United States to more effectively send weapons and make other deliveries to Ukraine against the background of the Russian invasion — without bureaucratic red tape.