April 25 events in “Babel” review: occupiers began to systematically destroy the Ukrainian railway, and Britain gives Ukraine armored personnel carriers

Dmytro Rayevskyi

From the very beginning of Russiaʼs full-scale war against Ukraine, "Babel" has been conducting daily live text coverage of events and promptly informing the main news on the Telegram channel. We also do a daily digest of the highlights of the day in case you havenʼt been able to follow live.

Last night the Armed Forces in the south destroyed 73 Russian military and 7 units of equipment, including the most modern Russian SAM "Pantsir C1". In addition, the Ukrainian military regained control of 5 more settlements on the border of Mykolayiv and Kherson oblasts. In the southern direction, the Ukrainian military destroyed 73 occupiers and 7 units of equipment in one day. The occupiers tried to strengthen reconnaissance in the direction of the Mykolaiv area, but the Armed Forces destroyed 50% of the structure of the sabotage and reconnaissance group — Russians retreated. In Luhansk oblast, the Russians destroyed seven houses and cut off the new Kreminna power substation on Easter — almost the entire region was without light in the morning. Gradually the power supply is restored.

The enemy began to systematically strike the railway infrastructure. The head of "Ukrzaliznytsia" (Ukrainian State Railway Company), Oleksandr Kamyshin, said that the Russiansʼ night missile strike on the railway infrastructure of Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Rivne oblasts was one of the heaviest since the beginning of the war. It will take several months to repair the damage.

At night in the Russian city of Bryansk a fire broke out on the territory of the local oil depot — oil storage tanks were burning. Eyewitnesses say they heard explosions before the fire. In addition, the local military unit was on fire. It is unknown why the fire broke out. The evacuation began from the city.

The Russians took the plant to their territory from the occupied Vovchansk, Kharkiv oblast, and set up a prison with a torture chamber on its premises.

In Kherson, the Russian military seized the city council building. They removed Ukrainian flags and ordered all workers to leave the premises.

Finland and Sweden plan to apply to NATO at the same time. This, in their opinion, should allow them to withstand Russiaʼs negative criticism of such a decision. As a result, Finland is slowing down its process, while Sweden is speeding up the pace of this decision.

Dictator Vladimir Putin said that the Security Service was allegedly preparing an assassination attempt on propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. To do this, Ukrainian special services allegedly recruited members of a Russian neo-Nazi organization who had already been detained. The Security Service denied its involvement in the assassination attempt.

The British will hand over to Ukraine a small number of Stormer armored personnel carriers with anti-aircraft systems installed on them. The British will send their Challenger 2 tanks to Poland to compensate for the T-72 handed over by the Poles to Ukraine. Poland has confirmed that it has sent tanks to Ukraine, the statement was made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. In total, the United Kingdom has already sent to Ukraine more than 5,000 NLAW anti-tank systems, 200 Javelin systems and will deliver another 250 missiles for Starstreak MANPADS.

Denmark became the first country to join the Ukrainian Energy Recovery Fund. The money from this fund will be used to restore the infrastructure that was destroyed or damaged during the fighting.

In unrecognized Transnistria, unknown individuals fired on the building of the Ministry of State Security. Local "law enforcement" officials said smoke was billowing from the room and windows were broken on several floors. No one was injured in the shelling, and according to preliminary data, the shots were fired from an RPG. The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine believes that the shelling of the building of the Ministry of State Security in unrecognized Transnistria is a provocation of the Russian special services.