The UK imposes new sanctions on Russia — bans timber and silver imports and raises tariffs

Anna Kholodnova

The United Kingdom has announced new sanctions against Russia, including expanding the list of banned imports and raising customs tariffs.

This is stated on the governmentʼs website.

Imports of more than £ 1 billion worth of Russian goods are now banned in Britain. Restrictions apply to imports of silver, wood products, and some high-quality goods from Russia, including caviar.

The British government has also raised customs tariffs on a number of goods by 35%. Tariffs on products from Russia and Belarus are being increased by about £ 130 million, including diamonds and rubber.

"We are steadfast in our support for the people of Ukraine and these new significant sanctions against Putin will bring the total import tariffs and bans on Russian goods to over £1 billion - imposing further economic pain on Putin’s economy for his barbaric and unjustified attacks on a sovereign nation", British Chancellor Rishi Sunak commented on the new sanctions.