Italy is preparing a new military aid package for Ukraine and is allocating €140 million for infrastructure development

Oleksandra Opanasenko

Italy will allocate €140 million for the development of Ukrainian infrastructure, and is also preparing a new package of military aid for Ukraine with the strengthening of air defense.

This was reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Antonio Tajani during the Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine.

Tajani emphasized that for the recovery of Ukraine, it is of primary importance to protect Ukrainian infrastructure and houses with the help of air defense. So Italy will send a new military package with SAMP/T air defense systems for Ukraineʼs air defense.

The country also approved a €140 million package for the development of Ukrainian infrastructure, railways, health care, the agricultural sector, and demining. Part of the allocated money will be invested in the restoration of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa, which was destroyed by a Russian missile.