The investigation in the Czech Republic confirmed the involvement of Russia in the explosions at the ammunition depots in Vrbetice

Olha Bereziuk

In the Czech Republic, law enforcement officials have officially completed the investigation into the explosions at the ammunition warehouse in Vrbetice. The police confirmed that agents of Russian military intelligence were behind them.

iRozhlas and Seznam Zpravy write about it.

Czech investigators established that their main goal was to disrupt the delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine and Syria.

The Czech Center for Combating Organized Crime did not specify the names of the perpetrators, but previously investigators named Anatoly Chepiga and Oleksandr Mishkin as responsible.

The head of the Czech Security and Information Service Michal Kudelka also said that GRU officers Chepiga and Myshkin were involved in the explosions.

According to him, Czech counter-intelligence agents also know other involved Russians, but Chepiga and Mishkin are considered the main organizers.

At the same time, the Czech police had to close the case because Russia refused to cooperate in any way with the Czech investigators.

"Possibilities for obtaining additional evidence in the Czech Republic or in countries that have granted Czech requests for legal assistance have been exhausted. This did not allow the police authorities to obtain additional information that would allow the initiation of a criminal prosecution, and for this reason they decided to postpone the case," said the director of the Center for Combating Organized Crime Jiri Mazanek.