The Prime Minister of Moldova called Transnistriaʼs statement about another “drone attack” on a military unit a provocation

Sofiia Telishevska

Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Rechan commented on the announcement by the authorities of the unrecognized Transnistria about a new "drone attack" on a military unit, calling it yet another provocation. This is reported by NewsMaker.

"We faced another usual provocation. Letʼs pay attention to the reaction of society, which is already aware of reality. These provocations can no longer cause panic or fear," he said, noting that Russia supports such provocations.

The Bureau of Reintegration of Moldova also stated that "provocations aimed at sowing panic and tension, in particular to draw attention to the region, continue" in the Transnistrian region.

  • The authorities of the unrecognized PMR stated that at 14:35 on April 5 , a kamikaze drone allegedly attacked a military unit in the Rybnytsia district. "The target was a radar station that sustained minor damage," it said. HUR representative Andriy Yusov in a comment to "Suspilno" emphasized that Ukraine is not involved in this event and definitely "would not waste valuable drones for such petty provocations."
  • On March 17, the so-called Ministry of State Security of Transnistria also announced an attack on the military base in Tiraspol. However, on March 20, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova reported that there was no explosion at the military base in Tiraspol, and the circulated video of the Mi-8 helicopter being blown up was a video montage. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that this is part of a disinformation campaign designed to cause panic, fear and instability among the residents of the region. The OSINT community and video editing specialists claimed that the photo and video of the helicopter were edited — the photo was retouched, and the FPV drone, which allegedly targeted the Mi-8, was "mounted".