Kharkiv TPP-5 — one of the largest in Ukraine — stopped working after the Russian strikes

Liza Brovko

Kharkiv TPP-5, which is one of the largest in Ukraine, lost the main heat and electricity generating capacity for Kharkiv. Now Kharkiv is fed by other regions.

This was reported to "Suspilno" in the press service of the thermal power plant.

It will be possible to assess the full extent of the damage and predict the necessary restoration work at the facility only after the inspection and analysis of the debris is completed.

"In the opinion of energy experts, it is already obvious today that this is an extremely time-consuming and expensive process, comparable to new construction," said Nataliya Verbova, an employee of the press service.

As Oleksandr Minkovich, director of TPP-5, added, exclusive equipment for power units, including turbines and generators, is needed to restore the plant.

"In the case of full financing of the works, assistance with the production and supply of equipment, the reconstruction process will last more than one year," he emphasized.

Kharkiv thermal power station-5 is located near the village of Podvirky, Kharkiv district. It supplied electricity and heat to the Kyiv, Shevchenkiv, Saltiv, Novobavar, and Kholodnohir districts of Kharkiv and the entire Kharkiv district.