The shelling on March 22 became the most destructive during the invasion. DTEK lost half of its electricity generation

Sofiia Telishevska

The Russian attack on Ukraineʼs energy system on Friday, March 22, was the largest ever full-scale invasion. DTEK lost half of its generation facilities.

YASNO General Director Serhiy Kovalenko stated this on the air of the telethon.

"If we talk about the DTEK group, then 50% of generation facilities have been lost. How much time and money is needed for restoration — we will find out in a few more days. I can definitely say that this process will not take a day, a week or a month," the message reads.

During the night and morning of March 22, the Russians shelled energy infrastructure in several regions at the same time.

"The enemy attacked two parts of the system at once — the generating and distribution system. If we start with the first, then several types of generation were affected — about 20 substations and Dnipro HPP. Transformers and network nodes that distribute energy were hit a lot. Therefore, this attack can be considered comprehensive, as it reduces the ability of our system to generate and transmit," he said.

  • On March 22, Russia launched the largest combined attack on the Ukrainian energy system since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. There was a blackout in Kharkiv. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced that the Russian troops launched more than 60 drones and almost 90 missiles of various types over Ukraine. Air defense forces shot down 92 targets out of 151.