Kyiv now has security agreements with Rome and Ottawa. Here are the texts

Liza Brovko

On the second anniversary of the Russian full-scale invasion, Ukraine signed bilateral security agreements with Italy and Canada. The documents will be valid for ten years. They can be revised if Ukraine joins NATO before their expiration date.

Agreement with Italy

The document cemented Italyʼs security obligations, including long-term military and financial assistance for the duration of the agreement. He also identified the priority areas of bilateral security cooperation in the military, political, financial, humanitarian and reform spheres.

Italy will provide urgent needs of Ukraine to strengthen its security capabilities. In particular, Italy has already extended until 2024 the validity of the legislation, which allows to provide military aid to Ukraine in the future. The agreement fixes specific amounts of financial support and military packages from Italy since the beginning of full-scale war.

Italy will continue to contribute to the EU Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine — it will train the Ukrainian military.

The Italian Republic will continue its partnership with the Odesa region, providing it with support for reconstruction, strengthening resilience and reforms.

The document outlines cooperation on sanctions, holding Russia accountable for the war, confirms Italyʼs support for Ukraineʼs future NATO membership, and establishes a 24-hour emergency response mechanism in the event of repeated military aggression against Ukraine.

Agreement with Canada

The document established the Canadian-Ukrainian Strategic Security Partnership (CSSP). Bilateral cooperation will strengthen in various spheres, in particular in defense. According to the document, in 2024 Canada will allocate more than 3 billion Canadian dollars in macro-financial and defense assistance to Ukraine.

Canada supports Ukraineʼs accession to the EU and NATO, will assist in this, and will also continue to support Ukraineʼs implementation of reforms for integration into blocs.

The agreement states that Canada will provide comprehensive assistance to Ukraine to protect and restore its territorial integrity, rebuild the national economy and protect citizens. In particular, Canada will continue to provide defense support and military assistance.

The countries will conduct consultations and negotiations, exchange information in various fields.

Ukraine and Canada will cooperate in the defense industry. This will include seminars, organization of trade missions, promotion of participation of Ukrainians in Canadian defense industry events and other types of interaction between enterprises. Canada will also cooperate with Canadian defense industry enterprises that decide to invest in the localization of repair, maintenance and production in Ukraine.

The agreement also contains a number of clauses related to the support of sanctions against Russia, combating disinformation, cyber defense, reconstruction, fighting organized crime, demining, etc.