The German concern Rheinmetall is building a new factory for the supply of projectiles to the Bundeswehr and the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Liza Brovko

The German defense concern Rheinmetall will build a new factory for the production of ammunition to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Germany and Ukraine.

Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall, told Bild about this.

According to him, there is a productive cooperation between the German federal government and the arms industry. For example, for 2023, Rheinmetall received government orders or framework agreements worth more than €10 billion for the Bundeswehr and Ukraine. Papperger predicts that amount will rise to at least €15 billion this year.

Meanwhile, Armin Papperger dismissed accusations of slow deliveries.

“The pace is fast: what used to take ten years is now achieved in a few months. We will now build a new munitions plant in Germany in record time to create strategic security of supply,” he said.

Rheinmetall is a German defense concern, one of the largest manufacturers of military equipment and weapons in Germany and Europe. The concern produces, in particular, Panther, Leopard tanks, Marder BMPs and PzH 2000 howitzers.