The war. Russians want to annex Mariupol via “referendum”, the Ukrainian Army destroyed Russian machinery along Siverskyi Donets, one more Russian ship is on fire, Kremenchuk was hit by 12 missiles. Day 79: live coverage

Kostia Andreikovets

The occupiers are planning a "referendum" on joining Russia in Mariupol — they plan to do so on May 15. The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 73 units of Russian equipment at the Seversky Donets River crossing. A spokesman for the Odessa OVA said that the Russian logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov caught fire near Zmiiny Island — he was probably hit by Neptune. Kremenchuk suffered a large-scale missile strike — 12 missiles fell on the city, mostly at refineries. Russia is already against Ukraineʼs accession to the EU and is threatening Finland and Sweden with blows if they join NATO. The UN Human Rights Council has voted to launch an investigation into the crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. Read about the main events of the 79th day of the war in the online text "Babel". What happened the day before — see here.