SBU and SBI identified the commanders of the Russian special forces and declared them of the suspicion

Anna Kholodnova

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) have identified all commanders and key employees of the special operations forces of the Russian Armed Forces.

This was reported in the press service of SBU.

Among them are the current commander, Major General Valeriy Flyustikov, and the former bodyguard of Putin Aleksey Dyumin, who in 2014 held the position of commander of the special forces of the Russian Army.

On the basis of the collected evidence, both defendants and another 25 representatives of the special operations forces of the Soviet Union, as well as their accomplices — "L/DPR militants" — were informed of suspicion under Art. 113 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (sabotage).

At the Kremlinʼs behest, in 2015, representatives of the special service organized the detonation of the combined missile and artillery weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Svatove, Luhansk region. According to the investigation, Russian special forces blew up the warehouse using the Layer-3 radio-electronic warfare complex from three Orlan-10 drones. Drones dropped incendiary grenades with a parachute system on him.

Also, SBU and SBI employees together with their Czech partners established the involvement of the special operations forces of the Soviet Union in the 2014 bombing of a warehouse with weapons in the Czech city of Vrbetice.

After the full-scale invasion, Russian special forces saboteurs periodically attack the positions of the Defense Forces in the border areas in the north and east of Ukraine. Civilians, their houses and cars often become the "targets" of enemy saboteurs.

SBU learned the names of all those involved in the mentioned crimes against Ukraine and European countries.