Norway will transfer 50 M548 tracked transporters to Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

Norway will hand over 50 M548 tracked transporters to the Ukrainian military.

This was reported by the Minister of Defense of Norway Bjørn Arild Gram.

"Itʼs important to be able to transport in an area where there are no good roads," he noted.

These machines were stored in the Norwegian army. Before being transferred to Ukraine, they undergo technical maintenance.

  • The M548 is an American tracked transporter developed for the needs of the army in the 1960s based on the undercarriage assemblies of the M113 armored personnel carrier. M548 is the international name, in Norway these machines are called NM199.
  • Also, Norway will transfer F-16 to Ukraine, as well as two such fighters for training. On August 24, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Har Støre informed about this at a press conference with Volodymyr Zelensky.