FT: British BAE Systems plans to produce artillery spare parts in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

The British defense company BAE Systems, which at the end of August announced the opening of an office in Ukraine, wants to produce spare parts for artillery here, in particular for light howitzers of 105 mm caliber.

The Financial Times writes about it.

The process can start in a few months. As the newspaper notes, this is the first time BAE has spoken about the time frame. Initially, they plan to produce spare parts, probably in cooperation with Ukrainian companies. Next, according to the plan, the production of the artillery itself will be launched.

Oleksandr Kamyshin, Minister of Strategic Industry, spoke about plans to produce 105-mm L119 howitzers in Ukraine, which Ukrainian troops already use at the front.

  • At the end of May of this year, President Zelenskyy held negotiations with representatives of BAE Systems about opening an office in Ukraine and later on locating production and repair facilities here.
  • BAE Systems plc is a company specializing in the defense and aerospace industries. It is one of the Pentagonʼs six largest suppliers and a major partner in the F-35 Lightning II program.
  • BAE Systems Land and Armaments manufactures the M2 and M3 Bradley fighting vehicles, the M113 armored personnel carrier, the M109 Paladin and Archer self-propelled howitzers, the M777 howitzer, the Challenger tank, and more.