The Kremlin agent who orchestrated the attack on the center of Kramatorsk was sent to the pre-trial detention center. The rocket killed 12 people

Sofiia Telishevska

The October court of Dnipro sent the suspect to the pre-trial detention center for two months for correcting the rocket attack on Kramatorsk on June 27, 2023. He turned out to be Volodymyr Synelnyk, an employee of the local gas transport company.

This is reported by the media "Graty" with reference to the comments of the court and the prosecutorʼs office.

"Synelnyk was arrested in hot pursuit the day after the rocket attack that claimed 12 lives. Another 61 people were injured," the publication says.

The investigation established that the man, who worked at a local gas transportation company, was recruited remotely even before the start of the great war, and after February 24, 2022, he began to collect information about the locations and movements of the Armed Forces in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. In addition, Synelnyk was supposed to transmit the coordinates of local critical infrastructure and objects with a mass concentration of the civilian population.

On June 27, around 3:00 p.m., Synelnyk received a task from his curator at the "DPR" to capture on camera the Ria Pizza restaurant near the "Kramatorsk" hotel. Around 17:00, the attacker sent a video from the restaurant using Telegram, and within an hour and a half, the occupiers struck the center of the city with an Iskander-M ballistic missile.

Synelnyk was charged with treason committed under martial law. He faces life imprisonment.